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Welcome to the "SANDFORD" range of scale kits and accessories, designed for use with 'Gauge One' railways, manufactured to a consistent scale of 10mm. to 1ft.

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General Building Instructions

This "Gauge One" model building kit has been specifically designed for outdoor use, assembling and painting them could not be simpler or more satisfying as long as you follow these few simple instructions.

All parts should be treated with care, as dropping could cause chips and cracks. Do not leave flat panels in direct sunlight or near a heat source as this may lead to distortion, if this  happens, carefully heat the panel in a bowl of hot water, place on a flat firm surface and weigh it down, leave until cool.

An easy to follow instruction sheet is included with every "Sandford" building.

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Each kit contains materials for a basic building, these can be further enhanced with added detail such as drainpipes, signs, outside furniture etc. 

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Any type of paint can be used, and colours should be selected to suit your own preference. As a suggestion, many of the prototypes have been painted using Halfords acrylic spray paints for the large area's, with Humbrol paints for the details.

When completely dry, the whole building was painted with 'DUNCAN' water-based antiquing Gel, (ref. WG 842, Black ). This was then wiped off with a damp clean sponge, leaving the dark colouring in all of the cracks. Practiced use of the Gel can produce very effective weathering to the buildings. Finally, the buildings were given two coats of either 'Satin' or 'Matt' polyurethane varnish. 

Winter Care

 The buildings are specifically designed for outdoor use, however during the winter they can be stored inside to protect them from extremes of weather. A wash with clean soapy water in spring and another coat of varnish will rejuvenate them.

All of our buildings and accessories have been developed by Bernard Pafrement and show an outstanding degree of scale and lifelike appearance, our commitment will be to continue to develop and expand the range of products available.

We hope you will enjoy building your garden railway and outside village using our range of products, should you have any questions or require help please do not hesitate to e-mail us.