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The Wagon and Carriage Works now operates on a mail-order and exhibition basis only. We will be concentrating on expanding and improving the Wagon & Carriage Works range of Gauge 1, together with new projects like the 'Sandford Buildings' range and a new Gauge One Coach range. We will continue to offer a large range of second-hand items in all scales at very reasonable prices.

Our ever popular Wants Register remains active to help you track down those items you're looking for.

The Wagon and Carriage Works
P.O. Box 7814
NG34 9WW

01529 469595

About Us


The WAGON & CARRIAGE WORKS produce a huge range of Gauge One etched brass/white metal kits.

There are currently about 10 steam locos, 10 diesel locos and 30 wagons, coaches and other stock with the range being expanded all the time.

Some white metal parts are offered as spares, as are wheels, motors gears etc - see list for further details. Etched parts are usually only available as part of a kit as the etch comprises of one or more large sheets and cannot be easily split.

We try to keep as many kits in stock as we can but with such a large range it is best to check availability if you require a particular item.

Second-Hand Range

Something to sell?

We also buy second-hand items (in gauges 7mm and above only) and are pleased to receive lists for quotations. You can also e-mail your list to our buyer

Our range of second -hand items covers all scales from 'Z' to G-Scale, will be updated regularly on this site. Alternatively, go to our 'WANTS' register if you are looking for particular items.

E-Mail us for further information.