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10mm Scale Broad Gauge Wagons and Coaches
all 62mm back-to-back Carriage Stock

All items second hand unless stated

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Ref Description Price
X/006 'Soldering and Brazing' by Tubal Cain - workshop practice series No 9 5.00
X/013 'GWR Gas Turbines - A Myth Exposed' by Kevin Robertson -210 pages 8.50
X/016 'Continental Railway Handbooks - France' by J.B. Snell -published 1971 by Ian Allan 3.50
X/017 'The Railways of Britain - an Historical Introduction' by Jack Simmons - 260 pages 6.50
X/021 'Burlington Route - Color Pictorial Vol 1' by Alfred J.J. Holck - 128 pages 20.00
X/023 'Union Pacific Trackside with Lou Schmitz' by L. Schmitz - 128 pages, published by Morning Sun publications 20.00
X/024 'Power of the 50's (Class 50)' by J. Vaughan, Oxford Publishing Co 8.50
X/030 'Norris Locos in England 1838 - 1842' , paperback by P.C. Dewhurst. Line drawings, photos, 50 pages 6.00
X/031 'Crampton Locomotives'. Paperback by P.C. Dewhurst, line drawings, photos, 50 pages 6.00
X/033 'Spell of Steam' by Eric Treacy, 208 pages, hardback 4.50
X/034 'The Last Steam Locomotives of British Railways' By P. Ransome-Wallis, 184 pages, hardback 9.50
X/037 'Diesels on the Regions - Scottish Region' by Tom Noble, hardback 5.00
X/091 The British Steam Railway Locomotive 1825 - 1925 by E. L. Ahrons - published in 1897 by Bracken Books - 370 pages 10.00
X/092 British Locomotives of the 20th Century - Volume 2 1930 to 1060 by O.S. Nock - 252 pages published by Patrick Stephens Ltd, hardback 8.00
X/095 Volk's Railways Brighton by Alan A Jackson, 48 pages, published by Plateway Press, softback 3.50
X/096 Midland Record No 1 published by Wild Swan 10.00
X/097 Midland Record No 2 published by Wild Swan 8.00
X/115 London Midland Steam in Colour by Hugh Ballantyne, pub Janes 5.00
X/116 North Eastern Steam by Maurice Johnson (Steam Portfolios 5), pub Ian Allen 5.00
X/117 Northern Steam Finale by Barrie Walker (Steam Portfolios 2), pub Janes 5.00
X/118 The Heyday of Old Oak Common and its Locomotives by Chris Leigh, pub Ian Allen 5.00
X/119 The Heyday of Nine Elms and its Locomotives by Colin Boocock, pub Ian Allen 5.00
X/120 The Heyday of Leeds Holbeck and its Locomotives by Gavin Morrison, pub Ian Allen 5.00
X/121 The Heyday of Old Oak Common and its Locomotives by Chris Leigh, pub Ian Allen 5.00
X/122 Lancashire & Yorkshire Passenger Stock by R W Rush, Pub - Oakwood Press , paperback 5.00
X/123 A Bibliography of British Railway History by George Ottley, pub -HMSO books, 684 pages 10.00
X/124 Model Railway Engines by J E Minns, pub -Octopus, 98 pages 3.00
X/128 The Power of the AC Electrics by Brian Morrison, Pub - OPC 7.50
X/129 Streamlined Steam - Britains 1930s Luxury Expresses by A J Mullay, Pub David and Charles 7.50
X/130 Intercity 125 - The Worlds Fastest Diesels by B K Cooper, Pub Ian Allen, 80 pages 3.50
X/131 Great Locomotives of the LNER by O S Nock, Pub Guild Publishing, 230 pages 8.00
X/132 French Steam Locomotives 1840 - 1950 by Graham Glover, pub Barry Rose, 96 pages 6.00
X/133 The North-East Railway Book by Ken Hoole, pub David & Charles, 96 pages 4.00
X/134 The Wissington Railway - A Fenland Enterprise by Roger Darsley, Pub IRS, paperback,132 pages 5.00
X/135 The Waterloo to Weymouth Line by Michael Baker, pub PSL, 200 pages 7.50
X/136 A Manual of Steam Locomotive Restoration and Preservation by D W Harvey, pub David & Charles, 96 pages 4.00
X/137 Historic Carriage Drawings- Vol 3 Non-passenger coaching stock by Peter Tatlow, Pub Pendragon, 128 pages 12.50
X/138 Profile of the Class 20's by J A M Vaughan, pub OPC, 5.00
X/139 Toy Trains - A History by Pierce Carlson, pub Gollancz, 160 pages 8.00
X/145 A pictorial Record of Southern Signals by G Pryer, pub OPC , 200 pages 15.00
X/146 East Coast Pacifics at Work by P N Townend, pub Ian Allen, 192 pages 12.50
X/147 LMS 150 by Patrick Whitehouse and David St John Thomas, pub Greenwich Editions, 208 pages 7.50
X/148 The Heritage of Steam by Neil Davenport, pub SLP, 192 pages, Softback 8.50
X/149 Tracks on Canvas - the Railway Paintings of Philip D Hawkins, pub OPC, 96 pages 7.50
X/150 Bings Table Railway by Jeff Carpenter, pub Diva Publishing, 96 pages, softback 5.00
X/151 'Brilliantly Old Fashioned' by Allen Levy - history of the first 10 years of ACE TRAINS - 136 pages, over 200 illustrations, many in colour, hard back 13.95
X/152 The Hurst Line - The Gauge 1 Garden Railway of Victor B. Harrison - paperback 48 pages 3.95
X/153 BR Motive Power Allocations 1959 - 1968 1: BR Standards and Austerities by Paul Teal Hardback 144 pages 5.00
X/154 Maunsell's SR Steam Carriage Stock by David Gould (Oakwood Press) softback 152 pages 8.50
X/155 Southern Railway Passenger Vans by David Gould (Oakwood Press) Softback128 pages 7.50
X/156 A Livery Register of HRMS - GWR 1835-1947 No 2, softback 48 pages 7.50
X/157 Bullied Locomotives - A Pictorial History by Brian Haresnape, Hardback 112 pages 6.00
X/158 Rail Centres: Brighton by B K Cooper - Hardback 144 pages 7.50
X/159 Maunsell Locomotives - A Pictorial History by Brian Haresnape - Hardback 128 pages 8.50
X/160 The GWR Stars, Castles and Kings - Part 1 1906 - 1930 by O S Nock, hardback 160 pages 12.50
X/161 The GWR Stars, Castles and Kings - Part 2 1930 - 1965 by O S Nock, hardback 160 pages 12.50
X/162 Profile of the Southern Moguls by Les Elsey, hardback 7.50
X/163 Southern Steam in the South and West by Mike Arlett & David Lockett Hardback 160 pages 10.00
X/165 An Illustrated History of Eastleigh Locomotive Works by Colin Boocock and Peter Stanton hardback 128 pages 12.50
X/166 SR150 - A Century and a half of the Southern Railway by David St John Thomas and Patrick Whitehouse, Hardback 208 pages 7.50
X/167 Signalling in the age of steam by Michael A Vanns, softback 112 pages 3.50
X/168 The Maunsell Moguls by Peter Rowledge, softback 64 pages 4.00
X/169 Timothy Hackworth and the Locomotive by Robert Young, Hardback, boxed 400 pages 12.50
X/170 Western Region in the 1960's by Chris Heaps, hardback 112 pages 5.00
X/171 Illustrated Treasury of the American Locomotive Company 1837 - 1969 by O M Kerr, Hardback 224 pages 17.50
X/172 Working Wagons A pictorial Review of Freight Stock on BR Vol 4 1985 - 1992 by David Larkin, softback 96 pages 10.00
X/173 Working Wagons A pictorial Review of Freight Stock on BR Vol 3 1980 - 1984 by David Larkin, softback 96 pages 10.00
X/174 The Metropolitan Railway by C Baker , hardback 76 pages 12.50
X/176 The North-Eastern Atlantics by K Hoole, softback 64 pages 7.50
X/177 Lost Railways of Devon by Stan Yorke softback 160 pages 7.50
X/178 Great Central Vol 2 Dominion of Watkin 1864 - 1899 by George Dow, Hardback 424 pages 12.50
X/179 Great Central Vol 3 Fay sets the Pace 1900-1922 by George Dow, Hardback 440 pages 12.50
X/180 North Eastern Album by K. Hoole Hardback 112 pages 12.50
X/181 The 4-4-0 Classes of the North Eastern Railway by K. Hoole Hardback 112 pages 5.00

Bradford Barton Books

Ref Description Price
X/040 Great Western Steam in Action 5.00
X/041 Great Western Steam in Action No 2 5.00
X/042 Great Western Steam in Action No 3 5.00
X/043 Great Western Steam in Action No 4 5.00
X/044 Great Western Steam in Action No 5 5.00
X/047 Great Western Steam in Close-Up 5.00
X/048 Great Western Steam in Devon 5.00
X/049 Great Western Steam Preserved 5.00
X/050 Great Western Steam on Shed 5.00
X/051 Great Western More Steam on Shed 5.00
X/052 Great Western Steam at Swindon Works 5.00
X/053 Great Western Steam South of the Severn 5.00
X/055 Great Western Steam off the Beaten Track 5.00
X/056 Great Western Steam Double-headed 5.00
X/057 Great Western Steam in Wales and the Border Counties 5.00
X/100 Great Western Steam through the years 5.00
X/101 The Warships BR Class 42/43 Diesel Hydraulics 5.00
X/102 London Midland Steam in Action, 96 pages 5.00
X/103 London Midland Steam in Action - 2, 96 pages 5.00
X/104 London Midland Steam in Action - 3, 96 pages 5.00
X/105 London Midland Steam Over Shap, 96 pages 5.00
X/106 London Midland Steam North of the Border, 96 pages 5.00
X/107 London Midland Steam From Lineside, 96 pages 5.00
X/108 London Midland Steam in the East Midlands, 96 pages 5.00
X/109 London Midland Steam Skipton - Carlisle, 96 pages 5.00
X/110 London Midland Steam in the Peak District, 96 pages 5.00
X/111 London Midland Steam in the North-West, 96 pages 5.00
X/112 London Midland Steam around Carlisle, 96 pages 5.00